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✰       WHAT’S A GACHA

✰       Gachas: … most time, little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one price you
✰       set (lower than regular !!).
✰       Goods are given by principle of contingency and must be no copy but transfer. Designers who don’t
✰       make transfer products often setup a extra gacha series. ^^



✰     ▪ Gacha items must be no copy
✰     ▪ Gacha items must be transfer
✰         – if Gacha players get one double they have paid for it (so you have no loss)
✰         – these items can be given as gift (so that’s free advertising for your products)
✰     ▪ Gacha items should have the same good quality as your regular products
✰     ▪ Gacha prices must be lower then regular, but in a good relation to your regulary prices.
✰         You should not squander your products!
✰     ▪ You also can mix the Gacha prices!  (different lamps, or different clothings, etc.)


✰     Our theme in september. Cloud9



✰   To simplify the registration procedure it’s no need for designers, who have already participated on our
✰   gacha events, to submit a applicationform anymore.
✰    Step 1 – EVENT TOKEN
✰    ▪ Buy your Event Token at the vendor at the headquarter. (the token is mod/no copy/transfer)


✰    ▪ No unpacking anymore !! Only rename your Token (your name – August Token)
✰        and drop it in the wall safe at the headquarters.

Gacha Token Safe

✰    ▪  Press ctrl – and move the object into the safe!

Token drop
✰    Step 2 – APPLICATION for Rookies
✰     use the online form or drop a noteceard into the black Mailbox @ the Headquarter here:

✰     ▷ click the button: Applications / Schedules / Support
✰     ▷ choose gacha event application
✰     ▷  fill the application (all fields marked with the little red star are mandatory)
✰     ▷ add your logo by clicking the button: datei auswählen (select file)
✰     ▷ enter the correct spam check
✰     ▷ submit the form by clicking: abschicken (submit)

✰     Or copy this part into a new notecard and rename it.
✰     Notecard title: Cloud9 – Your name
✰      ——————————————————-
✰     Store Name:
✰     Owner Name:
✰     2. Contact:
✰     Group Inviation goes to:
✰      I need the Network Infoboad Y/N:
✰     SLURL:
✰     SIM Rating: PG, Mature, Adult
✰     Do you already use Gacha’s:
✰     What do you sell:
✰     ——————————————————-

✰    Attention: Incorrect or incomplete notecards or notecards with missing token will be deleted!



✰    ▪ After you submit your token / application, only a a short IM is sent, when you are accepted.
✰        Designers who participate the first time will receive
✰        – Group Policies (notecard)
✰        – Posting Guide (in your group policies notecard)
✰        – Event Schedule 2013 (notecard)
✰        – Group Invitation
✰        – Network Infoboard (packed)
✰   ▪ We have a simple and uncomplicated timeflow!
✰       – When you got your message, that you are accepted for the event, you will be automatically
✰          added to our online postmaster systems and receive your setup info in time.
✰   ▪ Notice, that we build unusual gacha vendors for each event, you buy them for 0 L$
✰      (you will not rezz your own!)
✰       Your participation is confirmed by purchasing the event token!
✰   ▪ Minimum product add in one gacha vendor are 4 packed items!


That’s it.  Let’s have a great event.    Yours Alyssalillian McMinnar & DelaRosa Glimmer


Gacha Addiction Festivals:


Once in a Blue Moon Hunt Poster

*dates hunt will run: August 15th – Septmber 15th

*cost of the hunt : L$3

*number of stores in the hunt : 25

*Hunt Starts On : August 15th

*in world group to join (if any) : No

*hunt hint blog (if any):

*starting point slurl :

*starting point store name : Shine Creations Main Shop

* what the hunt item is : Blue Moon

* Organiser SL Name: Nagida Soulstar

*deadline for applications : August 15th

* Type of Hunt: Simwide.

* Shops participating :

1. Shine Creations Main Shop (Starting Point)
2. Gimp World
4. Icy CreationZ
5. Adv Designs
6.  Addicted
8. Nomiki Creations
9. A.R.C & F.N
10. Designs by Shalenda
11. Zero Cool Designz
12.Dru Wear
14. Shine Creations Architectural
15.  Little Blue Bird Creations
16. Whims
17. Querico Designs
18.Chrome Customs
19. Basanti
20. Fab Fee
21.Bam Pu Legacies
22. Luziefee Design
24. Unique

Theme: We have a phrase in English ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ which means very rare. So our theme will be any rare item or bluish things… maybe things related to rare events like wedding, birth days , anniversaries, rare designs, blue items…sky is the limit for your creativity! This hunt is for both men and women. Your hunt item could be of any style: Goth, Vampire, Punk, Comic etc… and of any type: Hair, Skin, Shape, Textures, Accessories, Furniture, Jewelery, shoes, tutorials etc…

If anybody wants to participate, few shops left vacant at mall. Please contact Nagida Soulstar for info.

Nagida Soulstar

Playing in the Beach Hunt

Shine Creations is organizing sim-wide hunt , which includes the shops in the Shine Creations Shopping Mall and the Main Shop. The hunt runs from July 1st – 31st. All you have to do is to search for beach balls hidden in the shops. You can get the hints by clicking on the ‘Beach Ball’ on the poster outside all the shops. Bloggers are invited to cover about the hunt gifts in their blogs. Please send a notecard to Nagida Soulstar to get a group tag for getting the hunt gifts in Bloggers Area at Shine Creations Main Shop. To know more details about the hunt, please refer the following link   The starting point of the hunt is Shine Creations Main Shop. Here is the SLurl :

Contact and organiser of the Hunt: Nagida Soulstar