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Gacha Addiction & Creator’s Connection present:

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Locations: Collosseum & all participating shops


✰       WHAT’S A GACHA

✰       Gachas: … most time, little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one price you
✰       set (lower than regular !!).
✰       Goods are given by principle of contingency and must be no copy but transfer. Designers who don’t make
✰       transfer products often setup a extra gacha series. ^^



✰     ▪ Gacha items must be no copy
✰     ▪ Gacha items must be transfer
✰         – if Gacha players get one double they have paid for it (so you have no loss)
✰         – these items can be given as gift (so that’s free advertising for your products)
✰     ▪ Gacha items should have the same good quality as your regular products
✰     ▪ Gacha prices must be lower then regular, but in a good relation to your regulary prices.
✰         You should not squander your products!
✰     ▪ Mix the Gacha prices when possible, do not offer only one item in different colors as example!!
✰         (different lamps, or different clothings, etc.) …. people are interested in different things to win


✰     Our theme in june: Midsummer Night’s Fantasies



✰    Designers with permanent status don’t have to submit a application, but they have to buy the token!

✰     ▷ click the button: Applications / Schedules / Support
✰     ▷ choose gacha event application
✰     ▷  fill the application (all fields marked with the little red star are mandatory)
✰     ▷ add your logo by clicking the button: datei auswählen (select file)
✰     ▷ enter the correct spam check
✰     ▷ submit the form by clicking: abschicken (submit)

✰     Or drop a notecard into the black Mailbox @ the Headquarter here:

✰     Copy this part into a new notecard and rename it.
✰     Notecard title: Midsummer Night’s Fantasies – Your name
✰      ——————————————————-
✰     Store Name:
✰     Owner Name:
✰     2. Contact:
✰     Group Inviation goes to:
✰      I need the Network Infoboad Y/N:
✰     SLURL:
✰     SIM Rating: PG, Mature, Adult
✰     Do you already use Gacha’s:
✰     What do you sell:
✰     Full Perm Logo:
✰     ——————————————————-
✰    Attention: Incorrect or incomplete notecards or notecards with missing token will be deleted!

✰    After a long discussion we decided to set a joinfee of 100 Linden, to secure that only serious
✰    applications are submitted.

✰    ▪ Buy your Event Token at the vendor above the mailbox at the headquarter. (mod/no copy/transfer) >

✰    ▪ unpack and rename your Token (your name – June Token)
✰      and drop it in the wall safe above the black mailbox at the headquarters:

Gacha Token Safe✰    ▪  Press ctrl – and move the object into the safe!

Token drop



✰    ▪ After you submit your application, only a a short IM is sent, when you are accepted.
✰        Designers who participate the first time will receive
✰        – Group Policies (notecard)
✰        – Posting Guide (in your group policies notecard)
✰        – Event Schedule 2013 (notecard)
✰        – Group Invitation
✰        – Network Infoboard (packed)
✰   ▪ We have a simple and uncomplicated timeflow!
✰       – When you got your message, that you are accepted for the event, you will be automatically
✰          added to our online postmaster systems and receive your setup info in time.
✰   ▪ Notice, that we build unusual gacha vendors for each event, you buy them for 0 L$ (you will not rezz your own!)
✰       Your participation is confirmed by purchasing the event token!
✰   ▪ Minimum product add in one gacha vendor are 4 packed items!


That’s it.  Let’s have a great event.    Yours Alyssalillian McMinnar & DelaRosa Glimmer