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Dear designer,

we are proud to announce a new project called   ▪ ▪  ▪    D I G G   I T  !    ▪  ▪ ▪

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▪   DIGG IT ! means find a 80% discounted offer at the shops.
▪   The trick is: Find the offer!  All info you are given is the product picture which is shown on the Kiosk.
▪   You will find DIGG IT kiosks all around the grid in many stores.
▪   There will be no further price info, this generous discount should be enough!

▪   There is no start and stop, when you are in digging mood, wear your Tour HUD and start.
▪   How often a designer changes their offer during a month is absolutely their decision.
▪   This guaranties you that there is a never ending flow of offers.

▪   What are you waiting for, start DIGGING !

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▪   ✰ There is no group to join, just subscribe!
▪   ✰ All you have to do, when you like to be in our network is, grab a DIGG IT! starterpack at the
▪        headquarters. SLurl:

▪       ▶ only the first 100 starterpacks are free! Then the price will be raised in steps till the final price
▪           is reached! The earlier you decide to be in our network, the more favorable for you!
▪       Attention: There is a caspervend included in this kiosk ( a affiliate vendor), because the people
▪       will buy their tour HUD on your kiosk. So you have to grant permissions.
▪   ✰ There are no timelines to keep, no lists, no startday, no waiting lists, just jump in!!
▪   ✰ rezz this kiosk on a good visible place. grant permissions (for the Tour HUD vendor)
▪   ✰ set a 80% discount on one product, set the product texture on the frontside of your infoprim
▪       and there you go. You can check the main kiosk first for correct setup! SLurl:

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▪   Ok let me explain it a little bit.
▪   What happens when you advertise your shop. You as one person do this advertising and ok you can
▪   reach a lot of people.
▪   But what will happen, when 100 designers and more will advertise the same project.
▪   ▶ And as this big team we work together to bring up each individual shop!
▪   ▶ You will not find a more powerful marketing tool anywhere.

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▪   There are so many great designers out there on the grid. But as the experience has shown, it’s often
▪   not so easy for customers to find them.
▪   The D I G G   I T ! Tour HUD is the holy grail for all shopping maniacs.
▪   Zapping destinations ▶ CLICK’N DIGG
▪   No complicated search, no laboriously sorting of notecards. Just CLICK’N DIGG

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▪   ✰  The DIGG IT! Tour HUD will show your logo, when it’s your turn. That it can do so add a square
▪        texture with your logo to the rootprim content of your kiosk. That’s all.

▪   How often you change your offer during a month is absolutely your decision.
▪   It’s your decision too, when you like to take a break.
▪   Let me clarify one thing. DIGG IT! offers are set from your regular ware (no cheap stuff, no reseller ware)

▪   Why 80% discount? To increase traffic, but customer traffic, not freebiegrabbers. A paying customer
▪   is welcome in our shops. And customers who buy a discounted ware can become shoppers on
▪   regular ware or became regulars. Even better!

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▪   This concept is intellectual property of Alyssalillian McMinnar. Infringements implicate reports to
▪   Linden Lab® and will be prosecuted with legal methods.

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