Dear groupmember,

here you find templates for our free of charge promotional offers.  Just rename your inworld notecard correctly, then copy and paste the template into the notecard and fill out your store info. When done drop your notecard into DelaRosa Glimmer’s Mailbox at the [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] Mainstore. Simple as that! 😀

That’s what the Mailbox looks like:

Store Mailbox for Blog

And this is the SLurl:

Direct Teleport Link From Group Blog To Your Store

One of the most comfortable ways to promote your products and bigger your locations traffic is the direct teleport link system. Once your permanent link is up on our blog, everyone who clicks it is able to TP directly to your shop in less than a minute.

Notecard title:

*~CC~* Blog Direct TP – Store Name – Your Name



Store Name:


Contact Name(s):

Store To Store Freebie Teleport Chain

A neat idea that brings traffic to your store and spreads your promotional items all over the grid.  This chainsystem builds up overtime and will connect our groupmember’s shops with another in a entertaining, hunt type way.

Notecard title:

*~CC~*store to store application (your name) (Shop)


Shop Name:

Your Name:

Contact (if you’d Like):

Store LM:


***Please  note that you’re responsible to keep your landmark updated to guarantee a functional chain. Simply send a notecard with your updated LM to DelaRosa Glimmer***

Blog To Blog Linkchain

Effective and useful – our blog to blog linking system guarantees yours and our blogvisitors attention. By adding the Creator’s Connection Blog to your own bloglist you’ll help all other groupmember and the group’s blog to gather more attention from the audience. And everyone who visits the Creator’s Connection Blog reads over your blog by a simple click on your link.

Notecard title:

*~CC~* Blog Linking – Store Name – Your Name


Store Name:

Contact Name:

Business Partner Name:

Your Blog URL:

Your Store SLURL:

“Yes I’ve add your bloglink to my own site”
_______ put an X here

Your name _____________________________

Here is our site address for you to add:

Event Blog Post Application

Dear event organiser!

We’ve decided that it would support our groupmembers greatly, when they are able to find out about events they can join inworld, by visiting our groupblog. Therefor you are now able to apply and have your sales event, hunt or similar events advertised on the blog. We are already promoting our own and other selected events on the blog. You can view the setup here:

All you need to do is provide us the following information:

>Your full avatar name (no display names please):

> Title of blogpost (event name & dates):

> Your text (what type of event, requirements to join, how to apply etc.):

> Contacts (eventorganiser and staff):

> Your event poster full perm:

Please drop this notecard filled with the information below into DelaRosa Glimmer’s store mailbox.


°°°Please note: These free advertisement opportunities are for *~Creator’s Connection~* groupmember only!°°°


Available Blogger

Dear blogger,

my name is DelaRosa Glimmer and I’m the co-owner of the Creator’s Connection group. This group works as a network to connect creators, event organiser, landlords and everyone interested with another.

I recently had the idea to offer a new service on our group blog and that’s why I’m contacting bloggers gridwide now. We all know how precious our limited groupslots are. That’s why I’d like to realise a brandnew concept: add the blogs of professional bloggers and their contact name to our group blog, so creator and event organiser can look them up and contact them from there.

There is no charge for bloggers to be listed, and it is up to you if you take a payment for items to be blogged from people who contact you. All I need is your contact information and the blog link so I can add both to the Creator’s Connection blog. You will also be allowed to add yourself to group and post about your services, but it’s your choice and only optional.

So far we are offering blog to blog linking, a freebie teleport chain, direct teleport to the different creator’s stores, assorted freebie links, huntinformation, networking and sale groups information, but I’d like to expand and also offer a list of available bloggers to our groupmember.

Incase you are interested now, please copy and paste the needed information below into a notecard, and rename your notecard to:
*~CC~* Blogger, your name (not display name)

and drop the notecard at my mailbox in my store.


Your name:


Your blog name:

Your blog link:

Thank you for your time! I hope to hear from you soon.
DelaRosa Glimmer
Co-owner of Creator’s Connection

°°°Please note: The Available Blogger Service does not require a groupjoin, but you are more than welcome to do so if you please! You will be allowed to send your recent blogposts and promote yourself to find more creator to work with in the future.°°°


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