Sex Sells Gacha Fair: Sticky-Sweet Summer is accepting applications!

Posted: 04/27/2015 in Member Info
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SSGF Sticky-Sweet Summer

You are a designer who creates mature or adult content and you love gachas? Here is your chance to be part of the fifth round of the Sex Sells Gacha Fair!

There is no cost to join the event as regular participant, however, if you want to be a sponsor there is a fee of 200L that goes towards the coverage of the landrental and advertising costs. Sponsors will be posted on the blog with their store logo and a teleport link, aswell as a poster at the fair with a direct TP function. They will also receive 3 gachas. Regular participants can choose to use 1 or 2 gachas.

Please take a moment to read through these requirements to be part of our fair:
* Your gacha products need to fit the theme of the fair (sexy, mature, adult, summertime, sticky candy, etc. etc.)
* All items must be your own creation (the use of templates and bought full perm supplies is allowed)
* No use of RL copyrighted images/sculpts/mesh (for example Disney and/or other)
* All items need to be made by you or your businesspartner
* Gacha items should reflect the quality of your regular sale items
* No business out of the box products

To apply, please copy and paste the following into a new notecard and rename it “SSGF-SSS APP – Your name – Your store name” (no display names!):

Store Name:

Owner Name:

Possible secondary contact person:


Sim Rating (Mature/Adult):

What do you sell:

Have you used gachas before:

Amount of gachas for the event (1 or 2):
(Sponsors automatically receive 3 gachas!)

Do you want to be a sponsor:

Send your notecard to DelaRosa Glimmer inworld.

Please note that we will only accept a max amount of 5 sponsors, and only 25 creators in total. If you like to be part of this event, apply early!

Once you are accepted, you will be invited to the Underdog Events group. Please join the group, as we will send out important information to our vendors per groupnotices.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Ronin Undercroft or DelaRosa Glimmer inworld at any time!


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