Once in a Blue Moon Hunt (August 15th – September 15th)

Posted: 08/11/2013 in Member Info
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Once in a Blue Moon Hunt Poster

*dates hunt will run: August 15th – Septmber 15th

*cost of the hunt : L$3

*number of stores in the hunt : 25

*Hunt Starts On : August 15th

*in world group to join (if any) : No

*hunt hint blog (if any): http://blog.shinecreationz.com

*starting point slurl :  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bosch/79/74/1506

*starting point store name : Shine Creations Main Shop

* what the hunt item is : Blue Moon

* Organiser SL Name: Nagida Soulstar

*deadline for applications : August 15th

* Type of Hunt: Simwide.

* Shops participating :

1. Shine Creations Main Shop (Starting Point)
2. Gimp World
4. Icy CreationZ
5. Adv Designs
6.  Addicted
8. Nomiki Creations
9. A.R.C & F.N
10. Designs by Shalenda
11. Zero Cool Designz
12.Dru Wear
14. Shine Creations Architectural
15.  Little Blue Bird Creations
16. Whims
17. Querico Designs
18.Chrome Customs
19. Basanti
20. Fab Fee
21.Bam Pu Legacies
22. Luziefee Design
24. Unique

Theme: We have a phrase in English ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ which means very rare. So our theme will be any rare item or bluish things… maybe things related to rare events like wedding, birth days , anniversaries, rare designs, blue items…sky is the limit for your creativity! This hunt is for both men and women. Your hunt item could be of any style: Goth, Vampire, Punk, Comic etc… and of any type: Hair, Skin, Shape, Textures, Accessories, Furniture, Jewelery, shoes, tutorials etc…

If anybody wants to participate, few shops left vacant at mall. Please contact Nagida Soulstar for info.

Nagida Soulstar


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