Summer Cart Sale * May 27th through June 10th*

Posted: 05/15/2013 in Member Info
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Summer Cart Sale Poster

Come join us for our Summer Cart Sale. Meet SL designers and make some lindens while showing visitors your wares.

**Please make sure you read and understand the following requirements before you commit to renting a cart. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know before you rent your cart, once you have paid for your cart you will not be issued a refund under any circumstance.


In order to rent a cart you are required to incorporate the following items into your display:

1. One 10 Linden Item

2. One 50 Linden Item

3. One Summer Item (for example – Sun, Beach, Flowers, Clothing, Furniture, Jewelery etc.)

These items must be separate from each other, please *do not* make your themed item 10 Lindens. We need to see three required items on everyone’s cart.
We know it is tempting to use popular and recognizable characters in your creations however, everything you create and display at the cart sale must be your own work. No copyright infringing items. (i.e. Disney, Looney Tunes, Pixar etc.) If we find copyright infringing items in your display, you will kindly be asked to remove them.

Vendors are great in your store but under no circumstances are multi item vendors allowed on your cart, It just isn’t fair for your 1 prim vendor that holds up to 50 prim worth of items to be sitting next to someone that doesn‘t own a vendor. if we find a vendor in your display, you will kindly be asked to remove it. **Please note, SINGLE ITEM vendors will be allowed)

Gatcha Machines **will be** allowed – WATCH PRIM COUNT!

We ask that you place our “Summer Cart Sale” poster at your store. One of the cart sale organizers will be coming to your sim to check that you have rezzed our poster. If we cannot find the poster you will be sent a note card as a reminder to rez our sign. Failure to rez our sign at least one day before the cart sale begins (May 26, 2013) will result in your removal from the cart sale with no refunds.


Once you have rented your cart please place your FULL PERM store logo in the mailbox that corresponds to the section your cart has been rented in (all mailboxes are in front of the individual stores: Cupcake Clothing, Shadow Moon). One of the cart sale organizers will place your logo on the cart so as this does not count against your prim count.

We know rules can be a pain but they have been created to keep the cart sale fun and hassle free. As long as everyone complies with the requirements things should run smoothly.  However, If you cannot comply you will have to be removed from the sale.


The Summer Cart Sale runs from May 27th, 2013 to June 10th, 2013 (Midnight SL time).

Carts will be available to rent beginning May 20th, 2013 until all carts are sold.

There are 30 carts available for this sale (10 of each prim count will be vacant), once they have been rented no more will be offered. So get them before they’re gone.

Cart Prices

10 Prim Cart – 60 Lindens
15 Prim Cart – 85 Lindens
20 Prim Cart – 110 Lindens

We know that the sale ends on the June 10th, so we will allow you to keep your items on our sim until June 11th (midnight SL time). If you do not collect your items before June 11th (midnight SL time) they will be returned to you.

The Spring Cart sale is being organized by:

Cupcake Clothing – Maggie Fanbridge
Kimba’s Boutique – Kimba Lockjaw
Shadow Moon – Candy Nizna

*Please don’t hesitate to contact Maggie Fanbridge if you have any questions.*

Maggie, Kim and Candy


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