A Bed in the Wheatfield Gacha Event (July 2-15 2012)

Posted: 06/26/2012 in Member Info

The Gacha Addiction Group & Creator’s Connection proudly present:

A Bed in the Wheatfield (July 2nd-July 15th 2012)

Locations: Skygarden & all participating shops

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tamire/159/98/496

Hallo! I’m the owner of the Creator’s Connection and officer for the Gacha Addiction group of Alyssalillian McMinnar, and we’re organising free of charge events for creator in Second Life.

You might ask yourself, what is a Gacha machine? Usualy they’re cute looking vendors filled with different products for a small price. The customer plays with the machine and wins the products after another to collect them all, give as gift or barter it in the group.

Our events usualy take place in the Skygarden at the Tamire sim. Our participants buy a Gacha vendor for 0L from us that has been designed to match the event’s theme, and fill it with their products. A texture of the products inside the machine can also be added to show what the customer can win. There’s also an extra prim that works as direct teleporter, allowing the customers to visit the participants shop.


You are a Designer and would like to participate? Copy and paste the following lines into a notecard and return them to Alyssalillian McMinnar!

Notecard title: Gacha Application – Your Name

Store Name:
Owner Name:
2. Contact:
SIM Rating:   PG, Mature, Adult
Do you already use Gacha’s:
What do you sell:
Full Perm Logo:

Rename: Gacha Application / Your Name
and drop it in the mailbox at the headquarter


or use the online application:


We’re offering a constantly growing group where you can promote your Gacha items and also stay informed about future events.

Incase we caught your interest, we’re hoping to hear from you soon.

Friendly greetings,

DelaRosa Glimmer

Creator’s Connection Owner
Gacha Addiction Officer


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