.::ODB::. Return Of The Side Show Freaks! Hunt

Posted: 04/10/2012 in Member Info

Return Of The Side Show Freals Hunt!
June 2- June 30 2012

Thank you for you interest In Return of the Side Show Freaks Hunt! This will be a small themed hunt. Theme is Dark carnival, side show, circus. Stores will be chosen by particapation of last hunt, interest in theme, referals or order of application.
*A unique and original gift that fits themes
*A Shop :D, established (Not moving frequently)
(I would be willing to try to incorpoate a market place only shop)
*Willingness to particapate in a fun hunt
*Placing hunt sign out.

Please sign up only is you are interested in particapating. This is a hunt just for fun :D….I will not chase folks down to make sure they have there gifts completed. So please only apply if you are willing and able to create a free gift, box it, and place it out on correct date.

Copy and Past this Application onto new Note Card!
Label Note Card : SSFH2 {Your Name} {Your shop}


Shop Name:



Market place SURl:

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