New winter events coming!

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The *~Creator’s Connection~* presents the “Christmas Market” (10th December till 22nd December 2010):

Some of Second Life’s most talented designers united to expose their best selling, popular and seasonal (christmas/winter) items or their very own favourite creations. The thought of “quality over quantity” was the main reason that lead to this event idea.

Quality items created with love and care shouldnt be replaced by mass products. So when you’re a lover of unique, special, very own designs, and love to dress up or surround yourself with things that not everybody else has, this is the ultimate event for you!

To go with the thought of christmas, our groupmember will surprise you with awesome freebies and gifts aswell! Don’t forget to stop by and soak in the spirit of christmas and explore the beautiful location of our christmas market.

The different creator’s stalls displays allow you to direct teleport to the designers store with just one click. – An easy way for everyone to travel to their treasures… ;D

Come visit the *~CC~* Christmas Market…and catch a snowflake with your tongue!

Your taxi:



It’s that time again! The *~CC~* will be holding another awesome event. This time something everyone loves: our first Christmas Market!

What does that mean?
You’ll be allowed to sell your own favourite creations, bestseller or seasonal items (christmas/winter), in a beautifuly decorated wintery Christmas Market location. Of course our stalls will include a teleport system again so visitors are able to directly teleport from the event to your shops. There will only be 24 stalls available, but the allowed primcount has been raised from 10 to 12, allowing you to put out 2 freebies aswell.

Interested in the Christmas Market and want to participate as vendor? Simply copy and paste this application into a notecard and rename it!

Notecard title: *~CC~* Christmas Market -Your name-Your Store


To apply for the Creator’s Connection Christmas Market (10th December till 22nd December 2010) please fill in:

1.) Store name:

2.) Your Name:

3.) Contact person(s):

4) Amount of boxes/items that will be placed (12 prim max), two of your items can be freebies/gifts for the visitors.

5.) Are you in the *~Creator’s Connection~* Group?
[  ] Yes
[  ] No (if you’re not a groupmember yet, please make sure to join our group as I use notices to communicate with the vendors and for announcements. You can also IM me -DelaRosa Glimmer- or Elise Onmura and ask for an personal groupinvite.)

6.) You’ll receive your stall number and further information on 30th November 2010 (application deadline). Leaving you plenty of time to setup your stall. Stalls that aren’t setup by 8th December will be dropped. Backups are accepted.

7.) Rename this notecard’s title to the following: *~CC~* Christmas Market -Your name-Your Store and send it to Elise Onmura. Uncomplete notecards won’t be accepted. Make sure to stick with the timelines and rules to guarantee a smooth running event.

8.) Contact DelaRosa Glimmer or Elise Onmura for questions/suggestions/etc.





Welcome to the .::ODB::.Holiday Fair !  How does ths fair work?
Each creator has set out one free item for you to enjoy and one at regular cost.
The logo is a direct teleport to there shop. So if you like your gift and want to see the shop just click teleport board and go visit!

Fair Times:
December 15th to January 15th

Your taxi:



It’s that time again!! .::ODB::. and ~*CC*~ will be hosting another freebie fair! teleport location!
Requiements are:
~Original Items
~One free item and One Item for sale.
~NO RESALE (as started above original only)

I’m offering a free spot to fellow merchants. I wanted a space to help promote fellow creators and offer people some neat and unique freebies.
Why freebies? Well they are a nice way to show an example of your work and everyone enjoys them ❤
How does this work? I set up three board for you. Largest board is a teleporter This teleports person directly from my shop to yours. Bottum two boards are for you to place your freebie/ gift and full priced Item.
What is the cost? No cost at all. Only requirments are for you to place one original freebies representing your work in the area and one regular cost item.
Space is limited. Applications being accepted now.  If interested please fill out NC and return to Maezy Magic by December 10 th.  Fair Will run December 15th to January 5th

Copy and Paste this Application onto Note card and Rename it
Send back to Maezy Magic

.::ODB::. Holiday Fair ~Your Name~Your Shop


Your Name:

Your Shop:

Land Mark:

Full Perm Shop Logo:


Invites will first go to *Creators Connection* Members and Past Fair Participants. Last Fair was an over all sucess and I beleive this one will be also.  I will not hunt you down to make sure your booth is filled. If you chose not to set up I will remove your logo and spot to make space for another merchant.
*With acceptance to Fair you will need to join .::ODB::. group for rezz rights. You may leave group after rezz.
Set up will be completed by october 15th.


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