The 2nd Design Expo&WAC Hunt!

Posted: 09/28/2010 in Uncategorized

The *~Creator’s Connection~* presents the “2nd official Design Expo” (October 1st till October 31st 2010):

Some of Second Life’s most talented designers united to expose their best selling, popular items or their very own favourite creations. The thought of “quality over quantity” was the main reason that lead to this event idea.

Quality items created with love and care shouldnt be replaced by mass products. So when you’re a lover of unique, special, very own designs, and love to dress up or surround yourself with things that not everybody else has, this is the ultimate event for you!

The different creator’s stalls displays allow you to direct teleport to the designers store with just one click. – An easy way for everyone to travel to their treasures… ;D

Also ongoing simultaniously:

*~Creator’s Connection~* proudly presents our new event – the “We are connected” hunt for quality! From October 1st till October 31st you’ll get the chance to chase all those pretty designs our groupmember created.

Unlike other hunts there won’t be a hunter’s group to join in, but an official hintlist will be available here on the creator’s connection blog by October 1st. Also every participating store will have it’s own hintgiver inworld, to guarantee you a smooth ongoing fun adventure.

Curious and can’t wait to start exploring? Here is your event taxi:

The *~Creator’s Connection~* member hope you’ll enjoy!

IMPORTANT: For questions, suggestions, problems drop a notecard to DelaRosa Glimmer and rename its title to your full avatar name & issue!

Phoenix Viewer User please note:

If you encounter troubles using any of the direct TP via map scripts, you’ll need to disable the following:
Preference > Phoenix > Page 1 > Shields > Disallow LLMapDestinations, then apply.
*Info given by Pudenta Magic of .:PdC:. Creations*


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