CC’s Current Advertising Offers

Posted: 06/25/2010 in Member Info
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Hello dear member.

We thought it’s best to pass on some more detailed information on our current promotional/advertising offers to you. So here we go ^-^

The Blog To Blog Linking

Effective and useful – our blog to blog linking system guarantees yours and our blogvisitors attention. By adding the Creator’s Connection Blog to your own bloglist you’ll help all other groupmember and the group’s blog to gather more attention from the audience. And everyone who visits the Creator’s Connection Blog reads over your blog by a simple click on your link.

The Blog To Store Direct TP Link

One of the most comfortable ways to promote your products and bigger your locations traffic is the direct teleport link system. Once your permanent link is up on our blog, everyone who clicks it is able to TP directly to your shop in less than a minute.

The Freebie Store To Store Teleport Chain

A neat idea that brings traffic to your store and spreads your promotional items all over the grid.  This chainsystem builds up overtime and will connect our groupmember’s shops with another in a entertaining, hunt type way.

The Weekly Promotional Groupmessage For Your Creations

You’re allowed to send 1 promotional groupnote about your latest items/events/whatever a week. The only important rules to follow are:

1) No advertising for Midnight Mania or Lucky Chairs – This group is about information, advertisement opportunities and to promote your own creations. We are NOT another MM/Lucky-group!!

2) No spam – Casual chat is very welcome, but bad language and spam are forbidden.

3) Questions about the blog or group may be directed to DelaRosa Glimmer and Maezy Magic

You’ll find the advertising templates in the application tab ontop.


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